Daily Tarot Card | Monday 18th March 2019

"I nurture myself and the sources of abundance in my life"

The Empress expresses love through her heart.  She takes it from the idealistic stage in the head and brings it into the world through her words, actions and behaviour.

When she appears as a daily card, she adds a period of inner growth, creativity, abundance and luck to your life.  This card is a true indication that it is time to safely move your plans forward to the next stage of being. This card number is three, and three is the number of creativity, growth and ascension - it is also the Numerological number for the year 2019 - so any projects you are working on should be coming together better than you had ever thought.

Sometimes, we can let ourselves get into a rut. It's not a conscious decision, and often we don't even notice right away. Maybe we become withdrawn from life or aren't bothering so much with our appearance or the beauty within our home and surroundings. If this is happening then the Empress is showing up to whip you up and into action!  This isn't for anyone else’s sake - just for your own! She asks you to make a conscious effort with our appearance because when we indulge in the act of self care, we begin to feel really good about ourselves. Every act of self care is a ritual, a chance to truly connect with your mind, body and soul. Its the practice of self love - an art in itself! When we connect with ourselves in these ways, self love blossoms. We feel more love, more confidence and more positive about our situation. This in turn leads to attracting good things too because the universe picks up on your vibration and has no choice but to match you with even more of what you radiate! Remind yourself of your femininity and inner beauty. Use it to your cosmic advantage.

The presence of the Empress in a reading is also highlighting the creative talents you possess but do not use.  When your natural creations or artistic abilities are not shining in all of their glory, an inner frustration and unhappiness can begin to manifest deep within.  You should always be encouraged to explore your arty or creative side with this card. Inspiration is all around you at this time. The Empress cannot over emphasise the importance of developing your full potential in finding true happiness in life.  She wants you to be happy in everything that you do as otherwise what is the point?!  When you experience true joy and feel deeply connected to your purpose, you feel strong, confident and able to take on the world, so how will you use this guidance to propel yourself forward?

Much Love,

Spirit Goddess

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