Daily Tarot Card: Akashic Records | Friday 31st May 2019

You are here on Earth with an important mission. You have deep spiritual wisdom within you. This knowledge has developed over many lifetimes, and it’s essential that you now acknowledge and use it.

Your Higher Self has been asking you to practice meditation on a regular basis – ideally, every day. This medicine allows you to access the wisdom within, that which your soul carries. We each have a sacred “file” for our soul, known as the Akashic Records. By meditating, you gain access to this information and you can better understand your path. These records hold each of the answers you are asking about. They hold information about how your fears could be manifesting in this life because they are stemming from a previous lifetime.

Do not rush this sacred process. This is a opportunity for you to connect with the akashic records, which hold the inner map of your life as well as your potential future. As you deepen your relationship with the your Angel or Guide, you will strengthen your capacity to open to this guidance and fully receive it.

This is not only true for divine guidance; this Divine Messenger can also direct you to other allies on the earth plane who will assist you in your ongoing quests. Your Guide holds the key to unlocking these ancient memories, and you don’t need fancy invocations to call upon them for guidance. Only a pure heart is necessary.

If this information is new to you, then get ready for some excitement. Your loving guides are about to take you on a journey of discovery. You’ll always be guided at a comfortable pace, without pressure. Everything happens with perfect timing. So it is.

Much Love,

Spirit Goddess

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