Daily Tarot Card: Ace of Wands | Wednesday 5th June 2019

This is a wonderful day to use your enhanced imagination and receptivity in a creative or enterprising manner. You are likely to feel a true connection to your soul.

With the Cancer Moon, emotional and family security takes on added significance today. You will be feeling protective of those close to you. Jupiter, which is the planet of expansion and Neptune, the planet of inspiration and faith are close together today. With Jupiter in this dynamic aspect to Neptune, there is an extraordinary dose of creative energy available for you to pursue any artistic work that requires enhanced imagination. Create with the intention of compassion. This helps bring your people and your world closer together, although there might be a struggle initially to embrace it.

Today the Ace of Wands suggests this is a great day for continuing to manifest your dreams and to actually start taking those first steps toward making things happen. The Ace represents the 'epiphany' or that sudden moment of realisation which helps you to to see more clearly. You have the resources available to you now to get the ball rolling in the right direction, and it will be with a great deal of ease.

It may feel like there have been road blocks in the past few weeks and months, but the time frame for gathering support for the work you want to accomplish is now. This is the ideal time to manifest any funding you need or even potential business partners. Better times have arrived at this place of fresh and abundant beginnings.

I believe in you and your ability to graciously remember your experiences of the past, to curiously tap into the current wisdom of the Universe, and to proceed toward the future of your life with clarity.

And so it shall be.

Much Love,

Spirit Goddess

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