Daily Guidance | Monday 25th March 2019

The answers are already within you. Open your eyes to the magic, wonder and potential that resides within.

So far your journey has been relentless. You stop and pause for a moment, and as you reflect at the edge of human reality, the Queen of Cups appears before you in an attempt to connect you to the possibility of love and divine spirituality.

You are entering a profound period of inner soul searching, self-reflection and spiritual enlightenment. This card indicates that you have been avoiding your inner-self. Maybe you are afraid of what you’ll uncover if you shine the light of the lantern on your inner world. Maybe you fear love itself.

This card can also be an indicator of you becoming too fixated with someone or that they are with you. As you gaze deep within you will begin to learn this lesson of detachment and to let go of old emotional hang-ups and the unresolved conflicts that are in your life. The Queen tells you that if you do not then they will interfere with current or future relationships.

This is the time to engage in finding your personal truth by working on your own development and this can only be done on your own through a creative love, or a spiritual activity. Whether it’s meditation, writing, rituals, or connecting to your own higher self, know that you are coming into a time of incredible discovery.

Focus on and take the time to listen to the information your intuition gives you now. The Queen of Cups will communicate to you a new spiritual concept so clearly that your rational mind will completely understand her. Then it is up to you what you do with this information.

Much Love,

Spirit Goddess

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Art: Image: Moonchild Tarot | Danielle Noel

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