Wednesday 24th July 2019 | The Magic Of Destruction

Not all storms disrupt your life, some come to clear the path.

The message that comes forward with the Tower card is one of changes. These abrupt changes that occur in our lives are significant and often associated with past actions we have taken. The Tower reminds us that there are always consequences to each of the decisions we make, and at times those consequences can be difficult or unpleasant at first.

Relationships, jobs, money… any situation may be affected. The chaos unleashed by The Tower in this position usually affects one area of your life, but the affects are thorough. You may already be able to see the signs and the destruction of some structure in your world could take place quickly and totally.

Bear in mind, this in itself is not such a bad thing, as unpleasant life changes occur so they can bring forth a greater good in the long run. This means a period of upheaval, but you can take advantage of the situation and begin to build something better where the old tower stood.

Your life lessons are created and learned by these changes, which gives birth to radical shifts for you in important aspects of your life. At the end of these lessons you will always see by looking backwards why things had to happen.

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