Cancer Full Moon 22 December 2018

All beginnings emerge from the darkness.

This December 22nd we will be blessed under a Cancer Full Moon. Cancer is ruled by the Water element, the feminine or yin energy of emotion. Ever receptive and sensitive to subtle currents of interconnection, the moons energy flows through all things and connects us at a deeper and more profound conscious level than what is usually provided to us by logical thought. This time sees us tuned in to a mystical, deeper and easily flowing reality.

Highlighted during this phase will be the clarity of your awareness. You will begin to see the real effects of your work with other people. You are operating out of a mode of visible clarity now rather than blind faith. Your minds eye is open to receive the influence of those closest to you, and you are aware of the influence that you can have on them as well. In this sense, your spiritual work has meaning for you in combination with these people.

During a Cancer moon we find ourselves more nurturing and protective of others too. It’s of no surprise that Cancers ruling planet is the Moon and so you may at times feel your emotions really start to fluctuate. Themes which are likely to appear over this time are the feelings of security and highly valuing your personal home life. You may become passive, and rely on your personal feelings to make decisions. You could find yourself behaving more subtle than usual, and likely reflecting the moods of those around you.

Other themes appearing may be involved with issues from the past. Cancer is the sign of care, protection and sustainability. The resurface of things are strongly tied to the past, and the principle of ‘Karma’ becomes evident now. This energy collects the residue of your past experience and holds onto it, allowing it to manifest in your present activities and now leads you into intuitive action.

Rather than allowing yourself to be driven by your changing emotions, you’ll benefit from the moon shedding her light of conscious reason on your habits and negative patterns, enabling you to focus on your true path.

In a poetic sense this energy arrives the night after the longest night of the winter, 'the dark night of our souls', that comes the renewed spark of hope, the Light of the World. This Cancer full moon provides us all with the same powerful connection from within, offering it to the Divine and to each of those we surround ourselves with. We use this time as one of reflection as we remember our past as well as present and we hold space in the knowing that all of our new beginnings emerge from the darkness.



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