About My Email Astro and Tarot Reading Services
My reading  approach is intuitive and analytic. The signs and symbols from the Tarot Cards activate intuition, facilitating the retrieval of information from the unconscious and moving it to the forefront of the conscious mind. The truth is always within the subconscious. This then helps me create solutions for you, the seeker, by presenting a different perspective, or offering the solution that allows you to move forward. The Tarot is a councillor, to seek understanding through the wisdom that another has required so we can nurture our own wisdom. 
The cards are shrouded in a veil of lore, magic and ancient visual representations of lessons passed down throughout the ages, with wisdom derived from esoteric cultures and mystery schools around the Globe. Consider your reading an entry point into a new age of learning and enlightenment.
There are many ways in which the Tarot can be used to help inspire inner-healing and positive manifestation. Through the process of looking deeper into certain situations or in recognising our own thought patterns, we can meditate on and visualise positive outcomes, feelings and dreams. In doing this, we can create new opportunities for growth in raising our consciousness and allowing ourselves to change our lives. There are so many ways the cards can be interpreted to gain wisdom and understanding of your life. When you receive this wisdom from the cards, you are invited to use them as visual bridges into an infinite scope of realities or as mirrors of your own consciousness. They can offer council and clarity, offering spiritual keys for growth and meditation. 
Using Tarot Analytics is about using the Tarot to empower and help you confront the most probable outcomes of your actions to rectify the mis-steps taken today to ensure a better tomorrow. Spirit Goddess Tarot reading offers a holistic, spiritual overview of a situation with advice on how best to move forward.
Gift Vouchers 
If you would like to purchase a gift voucher, please select the reading you would like to purchase from above. Then in the 'contact me' section, please advise it is a Gift voucher that you are purchasing. I will then be in touch with you to clarify how you would like it sent. 
What Happens When You Have Booked Your Tarot Reading?
Once you have ordered your reading you will receive a confirmation that outlines all of the information needed for your reading along with a timeframe in which you will receive your reading document. 
All readings include:
- Specific Personalised Tarot Spreads created for your situation and questions
- High quality Photographs of Your Tarot Spreads
- Email Readings – You will receive a complete PDF Report containing your tarot/oracle reading.
Please allow up to 10 days for your Tarot reading to be sent to you, I do all readings myself with an actual Tarot deck – not a software package. Quality takes a little time, but genuine readings are far more superior to any software generated readings. This reading is crafted especially for you. If this is your first order through Spirit Goddess, Please check your Junk Mailbox, as first time senders will often appear in there. Be mindful to add Spirit Goddess to your Safe Senders list. If you have not yet received your reading within the time specified, please contact me at here. I will investigate the order and get back to you within 24 hours.Full Terms and Conditions can be found by clicking here.
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