My Approach
My work with Spirit Goddess centres on Holistic as well as Spiritual Tarot analytics. An intuitive reader and trained Crystal Healer, I use metaphysics to create doorways to the unseen for my clients. I offer clarity, wisdom and guidance using the mysticism of Tarot and Ancient Healing Crystals to re-connect others with their soul path and Divine possibility. I am blessed to have a strong international client base. Through my Spirit Goddess blogs and social media pages I have a cultivated a community of 11,000 people and it grows daily. I help others cultivate a hold sacred space in their own hearts for healing and manifestation. As a result, Spirit Goddess is widely considered a trusted source for metaphysical and divinatory services and I work daily to earn and maintain this trust and to cultivate an active sense of inspiration, wonder and curiosity among the people who come my way. 
About my Tarot Readings
I use a combination of tarot cards, numerology and astrology. I also tune into your energy. It doesn’t matter if you are sitting before me or if you are in on the other side of the world. For as long as you come to me your mind open, we can work together. Spirit Goddess Tarot reading offers a holistic overview of a situation with advice on how best to proceed. My tarot readings are powerful, intuitive and incisive. The overall reading is a collective energy derived from each individual card. The energies can shift at any given time, as processed through the act of shuffling. There are so many ways the cards can be interpreted to gain wisdom and understanding of your life. When you receive this wisdom from the cards, you are invited to use them as visual bridges into an infinite scope of realities or as mirrors of your own consciousness. They offer council and clarity, and they offer spiritual keys for growth and meditation. 
My philosophy is that inside each of us is a vitality, a life force, an energy, a quickening of energy that is translated through you into action, and because there is only one of you, this expression is unique. I see myself as a guide, the Tarot is the map and the cards are the signposts. I can show you where you have come from, where you are and where you appear to be headed. My aim as a Tarot Practitioner is to empower you by tapping into the wisdom of the Tarot so that you can take control of your destiny. 
How accurate is tarot?
In my personal experience, most tarot readers are about 85% accurate at best. No reader, no matter how famous they are or how accurate they claim they are, can read for everyone or see everything. The reason for this is we are simply not allowed to see everything. The Universe does not allow for that. We must always make room for misinterpretation and no Tarot Practitioner can possibly know ‘everything’. If you don’t like something that is said in your Tarot reading, you can change the outcome. You are always responsible for your own future. The only person who can claim 100% accuracy for your life is your good self. Your actions and thoughts will always determine the outcome. 
Avoid tarot readers who make you feel otherwise.
What is the best way to ask tarot my question?
Include names of anyone you are asking about. Birth dates are always helpful. If you want to send me a photo via email, that can be very helpful. What’s not helpful: asking the same question over and in a different manner just to try and recieve the answer you want. When your reading is completed, it is over to you. 
How soon can I expect an appointment or response?
All appointments are booked via email or contact form only. I reply during normal working hours that day.
For e-mail readings you can expect your tarot readings delivered within 7 days at the most. When I am on holiday I will advise the clients pf expected delivery time beforehand. For Skype readings, your appointment may be scheduled about two weeks or more in advance. (Skype readings are fully booked until December 2019.)
I do not offer same day appointments – nor am I able to shift my schedule around.  If you are late, this cuts into YOUR time, not mine or the client who is after you. For the questions via email –  I answer all email questions within 72 hours.
*Your correspondence with me may end up in your “Promotions” or Spam folder.  Please be sure to check in there in the unlikely event that you don't hear from me.. 
How do I Purchase a reading?
You may use PayPal. Please go to the page where the readings are listed  and purchase through there. If you are having trouble using the Payment buttons, just send me an email and I’ll give you help. Payment must be made before you get on my schedule. I do not hold spots without payment. I also offer no refunds for any service. Please note: Gift Certificates and charity donation tarot readings must be used within a year of purchase. If you are purchasing them for someone else, make sure that they understand this policy.
Terms of Service
Payment Terms. For all readings under £100.00, the full fee is due at the time your request is made, prior to the reading. Payment must be received by Spirit Goddess before the commencement of your reading. For readings over £100.00, a 35% deposit is due at the time the reading is scheduled to reserve your appointment. Due to the time and labor required for the longer readings, you must reserve the appointment well in advance complete with a deposit. Full payment must be tendered to Spirit Goddess Due to the difficulty with debt collection, all payments for reading requests must be tendered in advance - no exceptions. 
Payment Methods
For online readings Spirit Goddess accepts either debit card, credit cards or PayPal. All payment transfers are done through the third party platform(s), so please be familiar with the privacy policy and terms of use for these third party platforms. Spirit Goddess is not liable for any mishandling by these third party platforms. For in-person readings, cash only. Spirit Goddess does not accept checks/cheques or money orders. If your credit card is declined or payment is not properly transferred due to deficiencies on your end, then Spirit Goddess will be entitled to the balance owed plus a 25% interest as additional charge for the deficiency.
Refund Policy
Any online tarot reading service provided for a fee shall be non-refundable.Tarot readings by Spirit Goddess constitute a professional service and due to the nature of the service and labor involved, all readings are non-refundable. However, if no reading was performed or your tarot professional has cancelled the reading prior to its commencement, then of course, your fee will be refunded to you in full. Spirit Goddess exercises great reasonable care and diligence in performing each and every tarot reading.
Statement of Tarot Ethics
A statement of ethics is provided covering the ethical policy of Spirit Goddess, hereby integrated and incorporated into this Terms of Service.
Scope of Life Coach Services 
The tarot reading services provided by Spirit Goddess is more akin to life coach services and strives to help you work on your goals for the future and create the life path you desire. Your tarot reading with Spirit Goddess in no way replaces professional counselling from a licensed counsellor or therapist and cannot be relied upon in lieu of sound legal, medical, or financial advice from licensed or qualified professionals. Spirit Goddess in no way diagnoses problems, but rather, suggests creative perspectives for understanding your current problems or help you come up with actions you can take to empower yourself in a way that will maximise your personal and professional potentials. Spirit Goddess strives to help you improve the quality of your life by tapping into your intuition. The role of such a life coach is supportive.
Scope of Ministry Services
Services provided by Spirit Goddess is a registered Priestess ordained by the Universal Life Church, and duly organised under the laws of the Jurisdiction of The Universal Life Church. 
Disclosure of Limitations
A tarot reading should never be used in place of professional counselling. Your reading cannot offer legal, medical, business, or financial advice nor does any portion of your reading from Spirit Goddess purport to do so. You should not rely on a tarot reading to make any decision that would affect your legal, financial, or medical condition. If your inquiry involves the law, finance, or medicine, then you should seek the advice of a licensed or qualified legal, financial, or medical professional. Also, a tarot reading cannot replace qualified mental health care. A tarot reading can only facilitate how you cope spiritually with a given situation.
Video Reading Recordings 
Spirit Goddess may, at your option, provide video conference tarot readings through third party platforms or hosts, such as Skype. These video readings may from time to time be recorded. If a video reading is recorded, you will be put on notice in advance of the recording. You are entitled to a copy of the video recording, though charges may apply. Before consenting to a video reading, please go over any questions or concerns you may have with Spirit Goddess. By commencing a video reading, you are consenting to the terms herein. Likewise, please be advised that you are not permitted to record video readings without express, written permission from Spirit Goddess. If you would like to record your video tarot reading, please ask before doing so.
Confidentiality of Tarot Readings
Spirit Goddess exercises extreme diligence in maintaining the confidentiality of your tarot reading and will not voluntarily, knowingly, intentionally, or wilfully disclose your identity or the contents of your tarot reading to third parties. However, if Spirit Goddess genuinely believes disclosure is required to: (1) prevent imminent harm or risk of harm to yourself or to another, (2) meet any applicable law, regulation, legal process, or governmental request, or (3) protect or defend Spirit Goddess against claims or threats of claims, then Spirit Goddess reserves the right to do so to the extent reasonably necessary. Please keep in mind that no legally recognised privilege exists between a tarot professional and client the way a privilege might exist between an attorney and client, doctor and patient, husband and wife, or priest and penitent. 
Fortune Telling Laws.
Pursuant to applicable laws of certain jurisdictions, a person can be guilty of fortune telling when, for a fee or compensation, that person claims or pretends to tell fortunes, or holds him or herself out as being able, by claimed or pretended use of occult powers, to answer questions or give advice on personal matters or to exorcise, influence, or affect evil spirits or curses, unless otherwise done so explicitly for entertainment purposes only. Any and all readings provided by Spirit Goddess neither claims nor pretends to tell fortunes and neither claims nor pretends to use occult powers in ways that would run against such laws. In certain jurisdictions, a tarot professional is required to disclose to you that tarot readings should be for entertainment purposes only, and if such a law applies to your reading, then you are hereby on notice thereof.


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